10 Year Guarantee

Toppers, Pillows And Mattress Guarantee

The guarantee covers any deterioration of the memory foam, including any permanent depressions of more than 2cm, or visible changes in the memory foam material.

The guarantee does not cover any changes in the hardness or characteristics if they do not affect the pressure-relieving technology of the memory foam.

The Znore guarantee is only valid if the product has been handled as described in the product instructions.

If you have any complaints, you will be required to send/show your receipt or invoice as a proof of purchase, in addition to complying with any requests of evidence to support a claim.

Please note that the guarantee does not cover any covers that are provided with the products, neither is shipping or carriage costs for the return of faulty products or the sending of replacement products. The guarantee only covers the memory foam products itself.

Note, that the full guarantee is available between 0-5 years on the memory foam layer only. Between 6-10 years the guarantee will be reduced by 20% per annum.

Each item purchased must be removed from their compressed state within 2 weeks of delivery as the size may vary from that advertised and will then be excluded from the Znore mattress guarantee.

The guarantee replacements are at the discretion of Znore, and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw the guarantee at any time. The guarantee replacements may at our discretion be on only the memory foam layer and not the entire product, with the nearest possible specification if the original product is no longer being produced. Please note, that only one guarantee replacement is available per order and the replacement item will not extent the original guarantee period.

This does not affect your statutory rights.